Employee Wellness In The Workplace – This Isn’t What You Expect

Telling your employees to get well through nutrition, sleep and exercise and demanding they work extra every day is like telling them to eat cake and only giving them celery. You aren’t serious.

The work environment has a huge impact on wellbeing – particularly asking too much of people.

Linda Duxbury is Canada’s leading expert on employee wellbeing. She’s done national studies involving tens of thousands of people. She has a lot to say on the subject and it does not include telling employees to get more sleep. As the video below says, she refuses employers who want her to talk to employees. She wants to talk to the EMPLOYER.

And she cleared up some things for me:

❌ Unequivocally, time at work or in front of a computer is a terrible measure of productivity.

⤵ Productivity rises, plateaus and falls. The point at which it starts to fall depends on the person and the demands on their time.

🧐 To truly improve wellbeing, employers need to consider the demand they put on their employees.

📣 We need to stop paying so much attention remote workers who want to stay remote or hybrid. We need to pay attention to all the the people who have to show up in person. Their morale post pandemic is terrible.

This should be required content. The amount of insight… 😯

As she said during the interview, Linda doesn’t really do social media but you can find her by googling!

Andrea Adams