Dismissing A Disabled Employee – Best Practice

Person in Company: How do I let my disabled employee go?

Employment Lawyer: How are you accommodating them?

PiCo: Uhhhh, but they can’t come to work.

Employment Lawyer: 😐

Most of us know the standard is high, but sometimes it can be hard to explain it to a frustrated leader who is struggling to be effective.

So watch this video with Dylan Snowdon, Employment Lawyer and Instructor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary. There’s lots of tips – my favourite is his tip about approaching with compassion which is the short clip below. Other tips:

❌You can’t terminate someone just because they are on LTD with no expected return-to-work date.

⏱️Maintain periodic, reasonable, contact. Go for coffee or lunch with the employee. Be positive and supportive.

☺️The leaders who ‘get’ it are those who have experience with disability in some way.

💸Those that proceed with termination too soon and without full exploration may lose $$$

This is technical topic! And almost certainly quite a CANADIAN one because it is based in Canadian law. Arm yourself with good information!

Find Dylan at www.carbertwaite.com.

Andrea Adams