DEI – A Story About Belonging

Instead of telling you how to do DEI better, this week’s guest tells us how SHE learned to do DEI better and ended up adding the B (belonging)!

I had a great conversation with Carla Yudhishthu. Carla is humble and sincere in the DEIB journey she has been on as the Chief People Officer with Mineral. While she tells her (their) story, she also share some great ideas! Like:

📈We may not see the evidence in the data that change is still necessary because often only the negative shows up. But we must persist! See the video below.

🤔We need to anchor ourselves in the ‘why’ of what we are doing. Otherwise we are likely to spin our wheels.

‼ Her purpose became ‘belonging’, but it took a while to realize it.

💡 Conversations for Understanding was one of the ideas that I loved most from this!

Find Carla through LinkedIn or her organization, Mineral:

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Andrea Adams