Career Transition / Outplacement – Strategies For HR

Career transitions are an inevitable part of anyone’s employment journey. It can be a promotion but also termination. The termination side is typically where career transition or outplacement comes in.

This week’s guest, Kim Spurgeon, is Sr VP Canada, Transition and Mobility with LHH Knightsbridge. LHH Knightsbridge is one of the leaders in helping employers navigate career transitions. She has been in that business much of her career and has an impressive depth of knowledge and experience. She shares:

☺️ Terminations can be done with empathy.

⚡️ Elon Musk and Twitter are a master class on what NOT to do.

⚖️ Career transitions can also help mitigate the risk of being sued by employees – see the video below.

🏆 Career transition services can also help you manage your brand as an employer.

Also, with the jobs market the way it is, career transition can keep the door open for boomerangs. These are the employees who leave you, but come back again with valuable skills and knowledge!

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