How To Implement Career Pathing. Or Should We Say Lattice?!

We all want to move forward in our career path and sometimes that is up. Sometimes that is sideways, which is why ‘lattice’ is better term for how to view careers. I am definitely on the lattice path! 😅

Dianna Dempsey is an expert in career pathing/ladders/lattices. She gives us advice on how to do it although, truthfully, many times… it depends. We also talked about how to make use of the phrase in HR and development. Some tips:

👆 We need to stop talking about ‘moving UP the ladder’ and reinforcing the idea that only up is moving forward. Lateral moves may still be a progression.

❌ Some of us are not cut out to be leaders at least not in the conventional sense.

⚙️ Of course that is true… so we talk about how to approach the conversation for people in a technical stream.

⚖️ Realistically we cannot do career pathing for everyone. We have to strike a balance between career pathing for organizations and those for individuals.

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Andrea Adams