BC’s Pay Transparency Act has New Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

New pay transparency requirements are going into effect. Employers and HR professionals—here’s what you need to know.

What’s New with the Pay Transparency Act? 

Starting November 1st, BC’s Pay Transparency Act (PTA) will require employers to disclose expected salary or wage information for public job postings. Why?

The PTA aims to close the gender pay gap by tackling gender discrimination systematized through the workplace. In the coming years, certain employers will be required to create and share pay transparency reports for the public to access.

How Employers and HR Professionals can Prepare

How can you as an employer or HR professional prepare?

  • Revise job posting templates to specify the expected salary or wage for a position. Note: This is very important for employers who plan to hire on or shortly after November 1, 2023.
  • Do not ask job candidates about the salaries or wages that they have earned at previous jobs.
  • Begin researching data on pay rates for pay transparency reports.
  • Stay tuned for updates on pay transparency report requirements for employers with less than 50 employees.

For more information, check out Government of British Columbia, the Cooperwilliams Truman LLP Employment Law Bulletin, and Lawson Lundell LLP.

Ashley Chia