AI For HR: The Basics, Potential, and Perils

Curious about how AI is changing the game for HR? Or maybe you’ve been waiting for the hype to die down and the real story to come out. This discussion is super informative either way!

I found a fantastic guest to talk about AI for HR! Megan Marie Butler is doing her PhD on the topic and, since she is not affiliated with any software company, we get a fairly unfiltered point of view! And Megan is pretty funny as speaks her mind on the potential and perils of AI. Like:

☁️ The AI sky might fall on HR!

☀️ Or it might not, but we have to be cautious. If a vendor says they can’t tell you what’s going on underneath: beware.

😫 We will, at least partly, learn the hard way.

‼ There are surprising and exciting use cases for it beyond ChatGPT.

🤔AI is hard to define and ChatGPT is just one form. Albeit a very exciting form.

This was an outstanding episode if I do say so myself. If you haven’t delved into it yet, try this episode. Megan speaks plainly and informatively.

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